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Academic Advising Resources At Emory

As a first-year student (and for the rest of your time at Emory), you will always have a network of advisors and support to guide you through your academic experiences. Read on for a highlight of some of those support programs!

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EPASS Tutoring

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EPASS Peer Tutoring is probably one of the best ways you can get academic support outside of class, especially if you’ve already been to office hours or TA sessions. One click on the online portal will guarantee you a one-on-one meeting with a student tutor. Just name the class that you need help in, and you will be matched with a student tutor who did well in the course!

The EPASS Peer Tutoring program operates seven days a week throughout the semester, and is especially helpful for support during midterm and final exams. All tutoring appointments take place in “prime locations” on campus such as Cox Hall, Math and Science Building and Woodruff Library. Tutoring of a wide range of courses is offered (especially entry level core science and language classes), and student tutors can help with everything from homework to lab reports.

Students who use EPASS tutoring learn how to solve problems and gain a greater understanding of class material, but they also learn time management skills, review tactics, and exam-taking strategies. Having a “learning partner” guiding you through the first-year academic process makes academics seem much more manageable, and at Emory, there are so many options!

Academic Advising Appointments

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Emory has a wealth of courses to choose from, and often that wide range of options can overwhelm first-year students, especially those who are undecided about what they want to study. Before you even arrive on Emory’s campus, you will be paired with an academic advisor from Emory College who will connect with you both via email and in person. He or she will guide you through course selection and help you to ensure that you are on track academically and fulfilling General Education Requirements.

If you run into any unexpected academic difficulties or complications such as needing to withdraw from a class, missing assignments, or even having a family or personal emergency, your academic advisor can guide you through how to handle any academic situation appropriately.

Emory Writing Center


The Emory Writing Center offers individual conferences to Emory College students to assist in writing reports, papers, projects etc. for all disciplines. Qualified graduate and undergraduate students assist those who come to the writing center with everything from building websites to novels to traditional analytical papers, and they can help with writing at any stage. Tutors often discuss tone, organization, audience, sources, citations, purpose, and flow with students, and discuss strategies for improving written work. Students of all majors and class years regularly utilize the Writing Center for class assignments.

Student Disability Services


Emory's Office of Equity and Inclusion houses the Access, Disability Services, and Resources department that students with either chronic or short-term disabilities can utilize throughout their time at Emory. Emory embraces and encourages diversity and recognizes disability as a critical element to that diversity, which is why its many support functions include note-taking accommodations, advocacy services, alternative media, interpretation services, and exam accommodations. Check out the website linked above for more information regarding academic support for those with disabilities under Emory's Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Emory Learning Specialists


Learning specialists at Emory are tutors that work with Emory students to gain stronger study habits and promote efficiency on academic tasks. Learning specialists help students to identify and prioritize learning goals, and with other planning goals like time management, test preparation, and memory and concentration. The learning specialists are a great resource before big tests and at the start of the semester to help students to get their bearings and get organized.

Academic Fellows Program

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The Academic Fellows Program at Emory offers mentorship to first-year and transfer international students. By the time an international student comes to Emory for Orientation, he or she will have been contacted by an academic fellow, or student mentor, who helps the incoming student find and utilize academic and campus life resources. Mentors work with groups of students, and these groups meet regularly throughout the semester, with more frequent meetings around class enrollment times and midterm an final exams. The Academic Fellows Program offers a unique opportunity for international students to informally become acquainted with other students and campus resources. Academic Fellows help international students to understand the culture and climate of Emory College in order to take full advantage of the resources provided to them.

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