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13 Ways To Live Like A Millionaire

What would you do if you were a millionaire? We have some simple suggestions. The first? Sell your old electronics to Gazelle — it can't get easier than that. Plus, you could even win $1M!

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1. Construct an entire room full of trampolines, and only trampolines.

2. Hire dogs to walk your dog for you.

3. Casually treat your friends to a night out on the town.

4. Never have to bring snow to a snowball fight again.

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Snowball fights are for the plebes.

5. Buy life-size versions of your favorite childhood stuffed animals.

6. Open a research facility that only works on making Pokémon real.

7. When you travel, ONLY stay in Cinderella's Castle.

Robert Sullivan / Getty
Robert Sullivan / Getty
Robert Sullivan / Getty

It's fit for a princess or whatever.

8. Buy enough land that you can have a field full of Shiba Inu.

so farm, such cabbage

9. Upgrade your "beer" bong.

10. Rent out an entire theme park and never wait in a line again.

You could invite your friends, but they'd only get in the way.

11. Hire a butler so you never have to do chores again.

Preferably, a cute butler.

12. Make sure that if someone ever asks you what time it is, you'll know.

In five different time zones, of course.

13. Finally get your house zombie-proofed.

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