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These Animals Unimpressed You Are Recycling On Earth Day

Dearest Homo sapiens -- although we have been around longer than you, we know that having opposable thumbs means that you’ve been able to advance faster than we have. Since it seems harder and harder for you to remember where you came from (apes for the evolutionists out there, Adam and Eve for the creationists), thanks for reserving an ENTIRE DAY to do what you are supposed to and not treat the Earth like a free-for-all stomping ground. We are so proud. So. Proud. Seriously. Love, All the animals

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That tree you planted is definitely going to help me out in 10 years once it’s grown and I have to move away because you constructed a multi-million dollar wilderness getaway in my neighborhood.

Want to be part of Earth Day? Recycle those old devices you have sitting in your junk drawer with Gazelle. #winwin