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The Craziest S*&t You’ll Stand In Line For

There are few things more soul crushing than having to wait in endless lines (or queues, if you’re fancy). Yet, without fail, people around the world turn out in droves to wait a mind-numbingly amount of time for some weird stuff. Without further ado, the top 5 craziest things people stand in line for:

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Black Friday


The fear so clearly present on the faces of the store employees is what we’d also equate to an impending bear attack. Let’s be real here: camping out overnight to save at least 20% on a flat screen TV tends to bring out our latent animalistic tendencies.



The possibility that you’d run into people who look like this at the club is most likely what keeps you standing in line. We respect that hopeful notion. We may not understand it, but we respect it.



A 5 a.m. wake-up call and calorically-laden goodness are trademarks of The Cronut. Sleep deprivation and an expanding waistline are totally worth taking a few fancy donuts to the face, right? Riiiiiight.



It’s easy to point a finger when a celebrity crashes and burns (cough, Miley, cough), but we all need to come to terms with the fact that if these two teamed up on a regular basis, we'd wait in line forever.

A new cell phone


All of these lines are just child’s play when it comes to waiting in line for a new iPhone. People have been camped out in New York City for two weeks (two weeks!) to get their mitts on a shiny new iPhone 5S. Darwin would be proud.

In conclusion: while the following is your reaction to lines at the DMV, the bank, or rush hour traffic...


… there are a number of things you’d willingly spend weeks days hours in line for. If you happen to really, really, really, want an iPhone, how about you trade your old cell phone in with Gazelle and earn some cash back? It will make the wait a little bit easier to bear. We promise.