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Get Your Single On: 13 Ways To Break Up With Your Significant Other

If you’re single it can be hard to look past all of the candy, flowers and card nonsense that happens on Valentine’s Day. In fact, that’s why us single people look forward to Single’s Awareness Day (yes it’s a real thing), where we can embrace being single and treat ourselves to whatever our little hearts desire. So, for today, why not bask in the glory that you’re (hopefully) not being fed one of these lines:

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12. "It's not you, it's me."


Winner of the following awards: Worst Break Up Line, Lamest Break Up Line, and Laziest Break Up Line.

We know breaking up can be tough, but time spent with the wrong person is time spent away from the RIGHT person...right??! So, while your heart is mending (or you’re just celebrating being single) why not trade-in your old (or broken) device to Gazelle? If you can’t upgrade your boyfriend/girlfriend, at least upgrade to a better device!