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10 Easy Ways To Make Money You Might Not Have Considered

"Dolla dolla bills, y'all." It's fun to say, but making money isn't always as fun. Here are some surprisingly easy ways to generate some extra cash. Sell your old electronics at Gazelle—it can't get easier than that. You could even win $1M!

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1. Get paid to snuggle up to strangers.

In Japan, cuddle cafés let you get your spoon on for the low price of 6,000 yen an hour.

2. Sell your hair.

It was time you got a new look anyway.

3. Wait in line for someone.

If you have the patience of a hundred monks, you could make a bundle with Wait For Me, a service that allows people to wait in line for more time-pressed humans.

4. Enter a karaoke or dance competition.

Your local listings will have all the info. Start practicing!

5. Rent out your spare room.

Services like Airbnb let you put that unused guest bedroom to work by renting it out to trusted users.

6. Let your creative side rake in the dough.

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Time to get those knitting supplies out of storage! Put your hands to work and sell your wares on Etsy or Made It Myself for extra cash.

7. Do odd jobs on Craigslist.


Studies have shown that slapping improves productivity. And you can get paid to do it.

8. Perform little human intelligence tasks online.

Amazon's Mechanical Turk service let's you get paid for repetitive tasks like tagging photos. Easy!

9. Write reviews about things you know about.


Know a thing or two about stuff? Even basic knowledge can net you some income at sites like SharedReviews and ReviewMe.

10. Pick loose change out of public fountains.

Just kidding, put it back.

Unload your used electronics.

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Gazelle is giving away $1M to one lucky customer. Enter for your chance to become a Gazellionaire here!