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8 Batsh*t Crazy Ways People Have Broken Their Phones

Over at Gazelle, we’re into giving you dollar bills for your old devices -- even the broken ones. And, because we know that many a time, the story behind is your cracked screen / shattered case / water damage is as epic as the damage you’ve inflicted on it, we’ve asked our customers to test our theory and tell us their “best” stories of how they destroyed their device. Note: Stories have been slightly edited so we don’t look like Kindergarten drop outs.

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1. The Treadmill Tragedy


“Running on the treadmill, my iPhone fell out of the compartment, was sucked under and wrapped around one of the cylinders. The treadmill was out of service for two weeks.”

2. The Cab Calamity


“I was getting out of a cab and realized I didn’t have my phone when I closed the door. I turned around to wave the cab down so I could check the backseat. As he drove off, I heard a crunch. Yup, the cab ran over my phone, right in front of me.”

3. The Animal Attack


“I was on an elephant ride in Thailand when I leaned down to take a picture. The elephant, curious about what I had in my hand, flipped its ear and knocked my phone to the ground from 12 feet up, then just kept walking.”

5. The Metrosexual Malfunction


“I'm a skinny guy (good skinny, my wife says). I wear tight jeans and carry my iPhone in my front left pocket. After a few months of doing this, I noticed the phone had bent, conforming to the shape of my left leg; the cover actually receded from the screen and the phone eventually just stopped working.”

6. The Boating Bros


“I was boating all day in the hot sun, using my iPhone to listen to music. After about an hour, my phone went into overheat mode. Me, being the genius I am (and also having consumed several adult beverages), I thought ‘what better place to cool down a hot phone down than in a cooler?’ Needless to say, I’m an idiot.”

8. The Grooming Gaff


“...We decided to go snow tubing -- keep in mind, this was after quite a few alcoholic beverages were consumed. Everything was going well until we proposed a shirtless tubing ride -- my friend and I went down together and I mistakenly put my phone in my hip pocket rather than my secure chest pocket. After a few hours, I realized my phone was missing so I informed the employees on the mountain... They recovered my phone... mangled. One of their giant grooming machines for the snow tube track had run over my phone and spit it out.”

Editor’s note: that is the actual phone. #gobigorgohome

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