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7 Apps to Use to Survive The Big Game

We get that it’s basically a social requirement to attend some type of game-day celebration, so we’ve pulled together a short list of apps that you need -- we repeat -- need to download before Sunday. Since your apathy will probably cause some serious grumblings (“taking up prime real estate in front of the TV,” etc.), you might as well enjoy yourself as you ignore everything else happening around you. Oh, and your sanity will thank us. This post is 100% dedicated to all the ladies and gents out there who know the truth about the Super Bowl: the commercials are the best part. So with that, here are 7 apps to help you survive The Big Game.

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Alcohol delivered to your door within an hour? Bring it on, Sunday Funday. (Note: this app is currently only available in Boston and New York. It will be easier for fans from both cities to drown hometeam sorrows this year.)



Because sushi > pigs in a blanket or nachos con queso (in extreme amounts.)



Preach, Mariah. PREACH. Plus, how else are you going to discuss the best commercials? Texting was so 2013. And misery enjoys company. Duh.

Candy Crush


Everyone understands the seriousness of this game. So ignoring your friends isn’t rude when you’re close to beating Level 30. They get it.



Listen, you’re smarter than the neanderthals (#sorrynotsorry) watching grown men in tight pants chase a pigskin, so show it off.

Cut the Rope


That little green dude is happy. And he will make you happy (unlike the four hour game you’re enduring.)



Sometimes you gotta throw what you know.

+1 For Good Measure...

NFL Mobile


We aren’t all too cool for the game. For those people who fear the party because they’ll miss out on the game, the NFL’s app will keep you informed, no matter how many times someone steps in front of you to dip their nacho in some guac.

The Gazelle team wants to know: if your hometown heroes aren’t playing, or if you’re just not into football, what app is going to get you through the four-hour Big Game?