11 Signs You Might Be A Hoarder

Are you covered in cats, under a pile of outdated computer equipment, and can’t even see your floor? Sounds like you might be a hoarder (sorry, man). Don’t get caught under your electronics when you can upgrade it all with Gazelle! You could even win $1M!

1. Your “collections” started out innocently enough.

instagram.com / Via christyek23Y

What is seven empty bottles, really?

2. Then you made a *small* jump into container collection.

Dan Century / Via Flickr: 38448278@N00

Clearly these are being used for, like, storage, and bowling, and…

3. But then your car actually became your outdoor closet.

Aric McKeown / Via Flickr: 7759293@N07

Or trash can, but it’s really no one’s business.

4. And now you have so many cats they literally just pour out of your house.

But they like it!

5. You own every single record ever recorded.

Simon Scarfe / Via Flickr: 97138396@N00

And listen to literally none of them, but you will!

6. This is now your basement and you don’t think it’s one bit creepy.

BuzzFarmers / Via Flickr: 79841314@N07

It’s not like a body is buried in here, it’s fine.

7. Your favorite time of day is releasing all 100 of your guinea pigs.

They don’t have names because there are too many. Each one is just called Guinea Pig.

8. You’re no longer allowed in hotels for obvious reasons.

Barry Pousman / Via Flickr: 27202949@N00

In all fairness, this is really economical.

9. Your living room is where dolls come to die.

But now you have a roomful of best friends.

10. Having just one puppy wasn’t enough.

Nor was two, or three, or six…

11. And this is what your place looks like after a little reorganizing.

Super cozy. Just so, so cozy.

And when you empty your desk drawer it looks like this.

West Midlands Police / Via Facebook: Gazelle.com

You literally don’t need this many phones. Sell them to Gazelle for a chance to win $1M!

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