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Which Dyke To Watch Out For Are You?

Do you prefer chicken nuggets or burdock loaf? Hemp skirts or leather jackets? Take this quiz and find out which of these plucky lesbians is most like you.

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  1. What is your coffee order?

    Decaf with almond milk
    Grande frappucino with extra whipped cream
    Double shot of espresso
    Black coffee
    Mint tea
  2. What's your ideal weekend night?

    Burning some herbs and meditating
    Catching up on work
    Taking a romantic candlelit bath
    Bringing home a new babe after a long night of partying
    Avoiding my homework and cuddling my dog
    Trying out my new $500 vibrator
    Analyzing politics with my lover over homemade lentil stew
  3. What do you look for in a lover?

    Someone who lives far away and can't see me very often
    Someone intellectually stimulating
    Someone who's always there
    Someone emotionally stable who is not afraid of emotional honesty
    Someone who shares my political views
    Someone who I won't have to see again after tonight
    Someone committed who listens to my feelings
  4. Favorite book?

    Best Lesbian Erotica
    The Making of Environmental Law
    Zami: A New Spelling of My Name
    The Origins of Totalitarianism
    The History of Sexuality Vol. I
    Ultimate Guide to the I Ching
    Heather Has Two Mommies
  5. Favorite outfit?

    Patterned button down
    Long hemp skirt
    Blazer and turtleneck
    Leather jacket over political t shirt
    Comfy long sleeved shirt
    Striped shirt and jeans
  6. What do you order at a restaurant?

    Baba ghanoush
    Seaweed avocado paté
    Tofu stir fry
    Tofu pups
    Burdock loaf
    Chicken nuggets
  7. Thoughts on gender?

    I'm too busy to think about this!
    The only way to overcome the patriarchy is by channeling our feminine engergies into the central divine light
    I'm an angry, hairy, man-hating feminist
    Gender is a social construction whose signifiers need to be disarticulated
    Gender is a complex social identity that can only be understood through the lenses of race, class, and sexuality
    Gender? I hardly know her!
    I love a butch in a skirt!
  8. What's your ideal sex life?

    Predictable yet passionate
    Polyamory and dildos
    Long distance
    As unconventional as possible
    Monogamous, vanilla
    With people other than my wife
    Tender. Intimate. Spiritiual.
  9. How do you react to stress?

    Yelling and then leaving
    I avoid it by working harder
    Group therapy, one on one therapy, couples therapy, pet therapy, aromatherapy...
    I handle my feelings like an adult
    Incoherent ranting
    Buying new stuff
  10. What's the most pressing issue in the world today?

    The confines of binary gender
    I have to pick just one!?
    Our lack of spiritual connection with the earth mother
    Oil companies dumping pollution into the environment
    Legal rights for same sex families
    Racist old white men running the government
    Queer assimilation

Which Dyke To Watch Out For Are You?

You got: Mo

You are Mo. You are very passionate about what you believe in. You tend to worry. A lot. Like, constantly. You like libraries, vegetarian food, and codependent monogamy.

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You got: Sydney

You are Sydney. You are a true intellectual. You love deconstructing gender almost as much as you love shopping online. Monogamy isn't your strong suit, nor is budgeting. You are a smart and adventurous partner. Try working on your people skills.

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You got: Ginger

You are Ginger. You hate emotional vulnerability and doing your homework. You love dogs, basketball, and Audre Lorde. You are full of good ideas, but not so good at following through with them. Get off the internet and get back to work!

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You got: Lois

You are Lois. You are a fiery political babe. You love gender bending, snappy comebacks, and sweeping women off their feet. You don't let little things like labels stop you from having a great time!

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You got: Toni

You are Toni. You are practical, kind, and in charge. You have a fiery temper but great organizational skills and a fierce commitment to your family. You may get frustrated when others are unreliable, but you're a romantic at heart who takes care of those she loves.

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You got: Clarice

You are Clarice. You are a workaholic worrywart. You are smart and motivated, but not the best when it comes to commitment. You have a tendency to get depressed when too many Republicans are in power. Make sure you're actually listening when your loved ones talk.

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You got: Sparrow

You are Sparrow. You are a practical yet spiritual bisexual new age babe. You are a caring friend, but you have limited patience for those whose chakras are not aligned. You like tarot, herbal tea, and have a secret love for business suits. Try spending your hard earned money on something other than therapy and crystals.

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