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Viceland's "Gaycation" Is Here, And It's Perfect

But are you ready for it?

Gaycation has arrived on Viceland.

The show follows Ellen Page and her best friend, Ian Daniel, on the gayest vacation ever. And it's incredible.

Their goal: to present the LGBT experience across four unique countries in the most authentic way possible.

From the uncomfortable and the unimaginable to the beautiful and joyous, prepare for one helluva ride.

Japan seems absolutely perfect.

Jamaica, festive.

Brazil seems as beachy and gay as you dreamt it would be.

And in the U.S. of A., we meet Steven.

And Steven...

...SEEMS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

But we meet this person too:

TBH, Ellen and Ian come across quite a few humans with whom they don't see eye to eye.

And they hear some seriously horrific stories.

But where there are haters, there are lovers.

And philosophers.


And fighters.

And new friends.

Basically, it's a heartwarming, hilarious, moving, and at times disturbing glimpse at what it means to be a member of the LGBT community around the world.

All images courtesy of Gaycation.