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    Worm Allegedly Found In McDonald's Burger

    Breakfast found rising in gorge. A gentleman in Finland was reportedly rather tympääntynyt (Finnish for "grossed the eff out") when he discovered this little bugger wriggling around in his hamburger. Yes, it was alive. Yes, he took pictures. Yes, he got a refund, according to the report from a Finnish TV and radio outlet. No, I haven't the foggiest what kind of weird Hollandaise-slathered McBurger that is.

    UPDATE: Here's an official statement from McDonald's in response to the alleged incident.

    "A client of McDonald’s Ruoholahti informed radio channel Voice that he found a worm in his hamburger yesterday. McDonald’s QA will investigate this complaint to understand what happened – we are sorry about the incident.

    The quality of food is extremely important for McDonald’s and the company has very strict and controlled processes which are constantly under a development and testing.

    McDonald’s is in direct contact with the client about this incident.”

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