• (Marie Cadney), her mother in law Amelia Oveide, her husband Jason Cadney, and one of Jason’s friends had all been drinking most of the night at the apartment…

  • I was advised that Oveide had left several times during the night. … (Cadney) was not going to have this coming and going in the middle of the night.

  • Cadney advised that all three of them were intoxicated and an argument ensued between Oveide and her son Jason Cadney. She stated it was becoming very intense.

  • She went to stand between them and try and separate them and also started to engage in the argument as well with Oveide.

  • At that time Oveide grabbed (Cadney’s) right breast and began to squeeze and pull on her nipple.

  • Cadney advised she yelled at Oveide to let go and Oveide continued to pull. At that time Cadney stated she began punching Oveide in the (face) until Oveide let go.

  • (Oveide) had actually pulled (Cadney’s) nipple off her bosom.

  • They were currently going to reattach it.

    Amilia Oveide