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Whale Slaughter Creates Ocean Of Blood

This looks downright Biblical. Every summer, Viking descendents on a tiny group of islands off the coast of Denmark herd hundreds of pilot whales into a bay and partially decapitate them. The result is a sea that runs red with blood.

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Andrija Ilic / Reuters

Inhabitants of Faroe Islands catch and slaughter pilot whales during the traditional 'Grindadrap' (whale hunting in Faroese) near Sandur on Sandoy island June 5th, 2012. Residents of the Faroe Islands, an autonomous province of Denmark, slaughter and eat pilot whales every year. The Faroese are descendents of Vikings, and pilot whales have been a central part of their diet for more than 1,000 years. They crowd the animals into a bay and kill them. 'Grindadrap' whaling is not done for commercial purposes, the meat can not be sold and is divided evenly between members of the local community.