Things You Can Buy At The Zombie Apocalypse Store

Your one-stop shopping center for the impending face-eating zombageddon. This store was stumbled upon in San Diego during Comic-Con. We bought something that we shouldn’t have.

1. The Zombie Apocalypse Store Was Located In The Basement Of A Haunted House In Downtown San Diego. They Had A Variety Of Things For Sale.

2. Like Glow Sticks.

3. Emergency Stoves.

4. Gas Masks.

5. Twinkies.

6. Meals Ready To Eat.

7. Bags Of Emergency Water.

8. Emergency Survival Blankets.

9. Knife Sharpeners.

10. Pepper Spray.

11. Hand Grenades (Not Functioning).

12. Tasers (Functioning).

13. In Fact, They Had A Variety Of Tasers, All Of Which The Proprietor Was Happy To Demonstrate For Us. There Was This Flashlight Taser.

14. This Little Pink Taser.

15. And This Cell Phone Taser. We Were Very Impressed.

16. So Much So, We Bought The Little Pink Taser. Then This Happened. It Was A Very Bad Idea.

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