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They Race Crabs In Tobago For Some Reason

Sure...why not. Goat and crab racing are traditions in the tiny Caribbean republic dating back to the 1920's. The races are working class reactions to the more elitist sports of horse and dog racing. The only venue where you'll hear people loudly boasting about the aggressiveness of their crabs.

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A crab held with a length of twine walks along the turf as it is guided to the finish line during a crab race, that forms part of the day's activities, at the annual Buccoo Goat and Crab Race Festival in Bucco, Tobago island April 10, 2012. The event held at Buccoo Integrated Facility is largely held for goat racing, but also includes crab races as part of the entertainment.

Video From The 2007 International Crab Race

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Also, Goats


Goats and their handlers, known as jockeys, race around the bend in the "derby" during the Carnbee/Mt. Pleasant Tobago Community Council's goat race and family day at the Mt. Pleasant multiplex April 9, 2012. Goat racing is an annual tradition that has been in practice in Tobago since 1925. The winner of the race was the goat Mr. Fox (R).