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    These "Walking Dead" Lego Creations Are Just The Best

    More like BRICK Grimes, amiriteoramirite? Also, BuzzFeed has an exclusive pic of Lego Negan!

    French photographer Chrystelle Charles has done something virtually impossible — made the gushing blood and rotting guts world of The Walking Dead unbearably cute.

    Chrystelle's Onibaba Legography project adapts all manner of pop culture properties into brick and peg pastiches — everything from Pulp Fiction to Baywatch — but she's devoted a considerable amount of effort to turning the zombie post-apocalypse into a candy-colored wonderland.

    She began the project three years ago, hence a lot of now dead characters and pre-disfiguration characters, like biclops Carl here.

    Chrystelle said she started making the adorable little walker warriors because she had no other choice. "I've been motivated to make my own version because Lego won't do it," she told BuzzFeed.

    Considering that Lego is an all ages sort of company, it's probably smart she didn't hold her breath for toys based on a franchise that regularly features flesh eating and decapitations.

    Oops..sorry to bring up decapitations, Hershell. Too soon.

    Merle is almost likable in Lego form! Almost.'s the littlest Little Ass Kicker.

    And as a special treat just for BuzzFeed, Chrystelle gave us exclusive photos of the brand new big bad guy on The Walking Dead, Negan!

    Behold Mini Lucille!

    We won't find out whose skull Negan bashed in until the season premiere...

    ...but it's safe to say these Lego creations have killed us with cuteness.

    Keep on keepin' on, Daryl BRICKSon. Sorrynotsorry.