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The Oscars Drinking Game

Celebrate Oscar gold by getting black out drunk. Add you own rules in the comments!

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  • If someone asks "Who are you wearing?" 1 Drink

  • If someone brings their parent as a date 2 Drinks

  • If Tim Gunn says some variation of "Make it work" 2 Drinks

  • If you see a side boob 2 Drinks

  • If you see a front boob (nip slip or see through outfit) Chug (Slippery Nipples, if available)


  • Joke about Ricky Gervais 1 Drink

  • Joke that features Ricky Gervais in person 2 Drinks

  • Joke about amputation in reference to "127 Hours" 1 Drink

  • Joke involving James Franco actually amputating something on air 2 Drinks

  • Joke about lesbian sex in "Black Swan" 1 Drink

  • Joke involving anyone dressed as the Black Swan 2 Drinks

  • Joke involving James Franco dressed as the Black Swan Chug

  • Joke about Charlie Sheen 1 Drink

  • Joke about Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook 1 Drink

  • Joke about Lindsay Lohan 1 Drink

  • Joke about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman 1 Drink

  • Joke involving Anne Hathaway or James Franco actually in costume as Catwoman Chug

  • Joke about "incepting" people's dreams 1 Drink

  • Joke using "Inception" music 1 Drink per "BAHN"


  • Political acceptance speech (unions in Wisconsin, uprising in the Arab World, etc.) 1 Drink

  • If someone has prepared notes for their speech 1 Drink

  • If someone walks the wrong way after their speech and is redirected backstage 1 Drink

  • If someone gets bleeped or otherwise censored by the time delay 1 Drink per bleep/censor

  • If the speaker is cut off by the orchestra Chug as long as the music and the speech overlap

  • If someone starts crying during their acceptance speech Waterfall


  • If there is a shot of Mr. Brainwash 1 Drink (preferably of imitation or generic liquor)

  • If Banksy's real identity is revealed, either for real or as a prank 2 Drinks

  • If Banksy crashes or pranks the ceremony, either in person or through some intermediary Chug


  • If you don't know who the person is featured in the Death Montage 1 Drink

  • If Corey Haim is featured in the Death Montage 2 Drinks

  • If Corey Haim is excluded from the Death Montage Pour one on the curb, then Chug