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    The 10 Gayest Cities In The United States

    Using criteria ranging from number of LGBT bookstores to hosting a WNBA team, The Advocate released a list of America's queer capitals. Here they are paired with photos, taken in those cities, that showcase a spirit of gaiety and fun! Full list and explanations at The Advocate.

    10. Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Rex Larsen / AP

    9. Atlanta, Georgia

    David Tulis / AP

    8. Knoxville, Tennessee

    Wade Payne / AP

    7. St. Paul, Minnesota


    6. Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Leon Halip / Getty Images

    5. Seattle, Washington


    4. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Joe Skipper / Reuters

    3. Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Brian Snyder / Reuters

    2. Orlando, Florida

    John Raoux / AP

    1. Salt Lake City, Utah

    George Frey / Reuters