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Squishy Hugs: The Manifesto Of The 800-Pound Bride

Here is the biography/mission statement of Susanne Eman, the bride-to-be who wants to be the fattest woman in the world. In her own words, from her own website.

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I'm your average gal next door who just happens to have a body to match the size of her personality. I've never been completely thin, though I have been just under the chunky side.

Growing up I wrote a letter to my dad; and in it I told him that my favorite subject in school was lunch. Who would have guessed?


Throughout school I was always a top student. I graduated high school in the top ten percent of my class. I was about 300 pounds then. Later I also attended a couple semesters of college.

From the time I was 20 to the time I was 30, I went from 300 pounds to 500 pounds. This weight wasn't intentionally gained.

Though, I noticed that I liked the way the weight felt, and the way my body was filling out.

Then, one day at 30 years old I was surfing the net. I came across a dating banner for SSBBW's (Super-Sized Big, Beautiful Women). I had never heard that term before. I decided to find out what it meant. That one add got the ball rolling for me.

I found out about FA's (Fat Admirers) and the world of larger women. I was impressed and excited. Deep down I had always known I wanted to be fat, but I thought I was alone in this feeling.

I began to look into how fat other people were able to become, how they did it, side effects, and whether it could be done in a safe and healthy manner. The more I learned, the more I wanted to let go and gain weight.


So, at 500 pounds I decided I was ready. It wasn't until several pounds later that I began to feel the freedom and the absolute joy of being fat and getting fatter.

The more weight I put on the better I felt, and the more confidence I seemed to gain.

I began to change the way I did things according to my weight. I wasn't out running marathons by any means, but I tried to stay as active as possible. I began to eat just a bit more each day than the previous day. Before I knew it I was 700.

I'm still very healthy, very mobile, and active. I'm looking forward to pushing the limits and seeing just how fat I can get. It's hard to put into words what it feels like.

The way my body moves on its own, yet with me is poetry in motion. Being this size has caused me to have to take life slower. That enables me to enjoy alot of life's little things that most people are so busy they over look.

There is a bit of rebellion to being my size. I mean after all aren't we taught that you aren't supposed to be fat?

I love marching to my own beat and thinking outside of the box. Not that there would be a box big enough to put me in either size wise or  size wise relating to my personality. :)

Being this fat has given me a feeling of total freedom and not only self acceptance but confidence. I wish other women could find the freedom that unlocks that within themselves.

Squishy Hugs,

Susanne Eman

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