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    Momma Cat Adopts Baby Raccoon

    The feel good story of the morning. J.J. the cat has taken orphan raccoon cub Bandit as her own. You see? Sometimes the world isn't a giant wad of awful.

    The Jonesboro Sun, Tami Wynn / AP

    Ten-month-old J.J. nurses her two kittens and a 2-week-old Raccoon on Monday, April 2, 2012, at Jonesboro Animal Control in Jonesboro, Arkansas. J.J. came to the facility on Friday. The same day an Animal Control officer rescued a baby raccoon and was having a hard time getting it to eat. They put it next to J.J. and she immediately started nursing and cleaning it. Animal Control supervisor Larry Rogers said they have been calling the raccoon Bandit. "We were having to feed him around the clock every two hours and had to clean him up, now the momma cat does everything," Rogers said. Animal Control volunteer Nicole Costner feeds baby possums behind the cage.

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