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Posted on Oct 19, 2011

ManBaby Food: Tequila Sweatpants

This was a bad idea. Inspired by Slate's Baby Food For Grown-Ups, here now is the culinary miscarriage known as ManBaby Food. We throw a bunch of food and booze into a blender and see what happens. What happens is gross stuff. In this installment of ManBaby Food, we try the nauseating recipe known as Tequila Sweatpants.


1 Grilled Chicken Burrito (Taco Bell)

1 Hard Shell Beef Taco (Taco Bell)

1 Apple Cinnamon Empanada (Taco Bell)

1 Shrimp Taco (Standard Mexican Restaurant)

1 Side of beans and rice (Standard Mexican Restaurant)

1 Side of tortilla chips (Standard Mexican Restaurant)

1 Dash of guacamole (Standard Mexican Restaurant)

1 Dash of salsa (Standard Mexican Restaurant)

1 Pint of tequila (Jose Cuervo)


Blend it all to hell, garnish with tortilla chip