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Gay Teen Turned Down By Printer For Wanting To Put This On A T-Shirt

Because it is clearly the most inflammatory statement in the world and will make your eyes bleed rainbows from the gayness. Kansas City 17-year-old Bailee Webb wanted to print a dozen t-shirts with this classic saying for her high school's Gay-Straight Alliance Club. Her order was rejected on religious grounds. She responded in mature, awesome fashion.

The dozen members of the club loved it. Bailee handed the design to her principal. The next day, he gave it back, with his signature of approval. She emailed her order for a dozen shirts from Rod’s Sporting Goods in Blue Springs. A clerk told her they would be ready in a week.Except everything changed the next morning.Rod Lindemann, 48, the owner, refused to print the shirts. After praying about it, he said, he had to follow his heart.He does a lot of business with ROTC students and thought the quote might offend them. But his biggest reason was that printing the slogan would feel like he was condoning gay lifestyles.'Marriage is ordained between a man and a woman,' he wrote.Later in an interview, Lindemann explained: 'I am a man who walks my faith. God calls me to love all, but he doesn’t call me to be comfortable with things that I don’t see as God-pleasing… I won’t sell out for a dollar.'
Bailee emailed her friends in other clubs, ranging from the National Honor Society to the girls’ track team, Young Democrats to the forensic and debate teams. She quickly found another printing store in Independence that agreed to process the order. And after waiting 24 hours, she carefully composed an email back to Lindemann.'I respect your decision, even if I do not agree with it, and I’m sorry that the Blue Springs South GSA and many other clubs here at South cannot and no longer will be doing business with you.'