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"Game Of Thrones" Map Magically Materializes On Coffee Shop Bench, White Walker Apocalypse Is Nigh

Sorcery or stupidity? YOU be the judge!

A grad student in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was minding his own business and just trying to get some studying done on Sunday when his whole day was derailed due to a startling revelation that called into question his very sanity...

He could not escape the haunting, quasi-religious vision before him. The paint on the back of the bench in the coffee shop was peeling away to reveal a map of Westeros from Game of Thrones.

"Well, that's just a big load of horseshit," you're likely thinking to yourself. But wait! Before you make any further allusions to manure, compare the photo taken at the coffee shop to an official map from HBO.

Uncanny to the point of being sublimely terrifying, right?

And lest you think the original photo was the result of an odd angle or trick lighting, the original poster, Apu Chakraborty, sent BuzzFeed News a high-res photo of the same bench.

Again, side by side.

Says Chakraborty of the whole surreal affair:

I was sitting studying and staring at it and didn't notice it until I was like, "Woah, that bottom thing looks like Dorne." And then I started noticing the other similarities, like there's even an Iron Island paint splotch. Then I looked up the map and was like, "MIND BLOWN."

"Mind blown," indeed.