• Beer Hall

    Germans gathering in a racially homogeneous beer hall and moving in lockstep has never led to anything bad in the history of ever.

  • What’ll You Have?

    A jingle so catchy and cartoons so adorable, your child will be getting his stomach pumped in no time!

  • Introducing the Six Pack

    Makes for easy carrying, freeing up your hand for disciplining unruly wives and servants. You’re headed for pleasure!

  • Threshing Bee

    If I had to attend an old time threshing bee, I’d be getting drunk with my token black friend as well. (Side Note: The Rollie Fingers mustache in this ad presages the ironic audience PBR has come to foster. Yes, I have a Rollie Fingers mustache.)

  • The People’s Beer

    Those people being historical reenactors who pine for the days of parasols and dropsy.

  • Horse Racing

    Daddy lost the money for your braces at the tracks. Crack open a cold PBR with your hideous snaggletooth.

  • Weight Lifting

    Chase the homo-eroticism and anabolic steroids with a syringe of refreshing PBR in your buttock!

  • Jam Session

    I like the jarring shift from the already not-very-funky funk band to the 70’s anorexia pop of the theme song. It’s AM gold.

  • Cowboys

    They’ve been breaking in their horses slowly, carefully, and drunk as shit.

  • Sailor

    Enjoyed by overdubbed men in sweaters since 1844.

  • Patrick Swayze

    I prefer Swayze’s early stuff, like “Skatetown, U.S.A.” and this commercial.