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    Classic PBR Ads

    Pabst Blue Ribbon wasn't always the leading cause of hipster cirrhosis. For most of its life, this working class beer was the domain of (heterosexual) cowboys and bacon-bringer-homers. Watch these vintage commercials to relive the glory days of PBR. Maybe you'll grow some hair on your liver, you Park Slope pantywaist! (Full Disclosure: I am a PBR-drinking Park Slope pantywaist.)

    • Beer Hall

      Germans gathering in a racially homogeneous beer hall and moving in lockstep has never led to anything bad in the history of ever.

    • What'll You Have?

      A jingle so catchy and cartoons so adorable, your child will be getting his stomach pumped in no time!

    • Introducing the Six Pack

      Makes for easy carrying, freeing up your hand for disciplining unruly wives and servants. You're headed for pleasure!

    • Threshing Bee

      If I had to attend an old time threshing bee, I'd be getting drunk with my token black friend as well. (Side Note: The Rollie Fingers mustache in this ad presages the ironic audience PBR has come to foster. Yes, I have a Rollie Fingers mustache.)

    • The People's Beer

      Those people being historical reenactors who pine for the days of parasols and dropsy.

    • Horse Racing

      Daddy lost the money for your braces at the tracks. Crack open a cold PBR with your hideous snaggletooth.

    • Weight Lifting

      Chase the homo-eroticism and anabolic steroids with a syringe of refreshing PBR in your buttock!

    • Jam Session

      I like the jarring shift from the already not-very-funky funk band to the 70's anorexia pop of the theme song. It's AM gold.

    • Cowboys

      They've been breaking in their horses slowly, carefully, and drunk as shit.

    • Sailor

      Enjoyed by overdubbed men in sweaters since 1844.

    • Patrick Swayze

      I prefer Swayze's early stuff, like "Skatetown, U.S.A." and this commercial.