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Cecil Hunter Hires Security After Home Hit With "Lion Killer" Graffiti, Pigs Feet

Walter Palmer has hired a private security firm for his $1.1 million vacation home in Florida. Police are also investigating after the house was defaced with the graffiti and pigs feet drenched in hot sauce were strewn on the driveway.

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Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who triggered international outrage after killing Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, has hired a private security firm to guard his Marco Island, Florida, vacation home after it was vandalized earlier this week.

Walter Zalisko, head of the firm watching Palmer's home, Global Investigative Group, told The New York Post, "We have armed investigators on the property, we're setting up covert cameras, we're documenting all license plates and we also have other mechanisms set up, but I won't say what they are."

Police have also opened an investigation into the vandalism of the $1.1 million house, Marco Island police Capt. David Baer told AP.

The words "Lion Killer" were spray-painted on the garage door...

ICYMI: Vandals attack Marco Island vacation home of dentist who killed #CecilTheLion.

And pigs feet, reportedly drenched in hot sauce, were deposited near and on the driveway.

PHOTOS: Marco vacation home of man who killed #CecilTheLion vandalized with pigs feet.


Palmer has been the target of worldwide scorn after he was identified as the hunter who killed Cecil the lion, a favorite attraction among tourists and researchers in Zimbabwe.

The government of Zimbabwe has been seeking Palmer's extradition to stand trial for the killing, and Palmer has been forced to close his Minnesota dental practice following weeks of online and in-person protests.

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