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    Brave Baby Turtle's Journey From Nest To Sea

    Go, little guy, go! With the help of some charitable humans, they just might make it.

    1. This Is A Baby Loggerhead Turtle

    Randall Hill / Reuters

    2. It Was Born On Litchfield Beach In South Carolina, In A Nest Like This One

    Randall Hill / Reuters

    3. These Little Guys Are Assisted In Their Journey From Egg To Sea By A Group Called The South Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts (SCUTE)

    Randall Hill / Reuters

    4. SCUTE Keeps A Constant Watch On South Carolina Beaches During Turtle Mating Season

    5. Both Loggerhead Turtles And Green Turtles Are Higly Endangered, So They Need As Much Help As Possible

    6. Volunteers Do Everything From Relocating Nests That Are Too Close To The Tide Line...

    7. To Guiding The Baby Turtles By Foot

    8. All In The Hopes That These Adorable Little Critters Safely Make It Sea

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