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    Bat Pees In Guitarist's Eyes, Guitarist Gets Rabies Shots, Documents It All On Facebook

    And now he's a bit of a celebrity as a result of Facebooking his bat-piss-rabies-shot ordeal. Andrew Elstner, guitarist for rock band Torche, shared his bat fluid misadventure in real time on Facebook. Here it is in chronological order, starting with his post on March 29th from the St. Louis area.

    The Initial Post

    After Getting Nearly 20 Comments On The Post Asking For Details

    A Friend Expresses Concern Over His Mention Of Rabies

    The Next Day

    Photo From The Emergency Room

    A Friend Reminds Him That Rabies Can't Be Transmitted Through Bat Urine

    A Few Days Later, Media Outlets Begin Picking Up The Story

    A Photo From An Article On Metal Insider

    The Scene Of The Crime

    And, Finally, The Front Page Of MSNBC