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Avery, The Baby Girl With The Bucket List, Has Passed Away

She touched so many lives, and did so much to help fight the disease which would eventually claim her life, in such a short time. Avery Canahuati, the baby girl with the bucket list, lost her battle against Spinal Muscular Atrophy last night. Here, courtesy of her parents Mike and Laura and written in her voice, is a farewell letter.

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Dear Mommy & Daddy:

If you're reading this it's because I've gone to take care of my Uncle Bryant, Nana Carolyn, Papa George, and all my great Grandparents. I love you veeeeeeeeeery much. Also, tell Nana & G-Pa I love them too. In fact, tell everyone who loved me that I love them and I appreciate them caring about me.

When I started writing my blog, I thought I'd only be speaking to my closest friends and family members. Little did I know soooooooo many people would care about me and while I'm flattered to have so many people who love me, I hope they will also take time to love and care about all of my friends out there with SMA.

You see, I'd never heard of SMA prior to being diagnosed with it, yet there's thousands of my friends out there living with it today and millions of my future friends parents who are unknowingly carriers of the SMA gene. Without awareness and without a cure, I'm afraid more of my friends are at risk to have their lives drastically shortened by SMA.

When people think of me, I hope they'll also think of all my friends who have been through this and who are going through this now. But what I really hope for is that when people think about me, they will not waste time sitting there feeling sorry for me, rather I hope they will STAND UP in honor of me and all of my friends (past, present, and future). And they can do so by spreading awareness and helping to fund a cure for my friends.

To all my SMAns, you followed me, now please follow all of my friends.

Mommy. Daddy. I love you every bit as much as you love me. And while I'm not here physically, I will forever live in your minds, as you will mine.

Love always,

Avery, Aviator, Aves, Scuttlebutt

Avery's last photo, taken 15-20 minutes before her lung collapsed and she went into cardiac arrest.

Avery's last photo, taken 15-20 minutes before her lung collapsed and she went into cardiac arrest.

Avery's family requests that supporters pay their condolences by donating money to help fund an experimental SMA gene therapy.

Donations can also be made to the non-profit organization Fight SMA.

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