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Al Roker Gets Into Airplane Fight With Van Halen

Because he's supposedly allergic to dogs. But we've uncovered shocking evidence that Roker might be providing a 10 day forecast of LIES.

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According to the New York Post, Al Roker refused to give up his seat in first class so that Alex Van Halen and his wife could sit together. Roker was seated in the center seat, between Van Halen and his wife.

A flight attendant asked Roker if he'd like to move one seat down. Roker refused, saying he would have to move one seat closer to a woman who was carrying a dog in a travel crate.

Roker claimed he was allergic to dogs, then proceeded to play with his phone. Rather than continue to hold up the flight, Van Halen and his wife moved to business class so they could sit together.

So Al Roker says he's allergic to dogs. But as this photo indicates, uncovered by our hard-hitting investigative journalism (i.e., we typed "Al Roker" into Reuters and this was on the second page), Al Roker is apparently allergic to THE TRUTH.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Television personality Al Roker stands outside the ring before showing a Poodle during a Today Show event on the second day of the 2009 Westminster Dog Show in New York.

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