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A Moving Tribute To Motherhood And Music, Shot One Second A Day For A Year

A year in the life of a family living in the music mecca of Lawrence, Kansas, with each day distilled down to one second.

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This video, called "Just A Sec," details one family's life in the college town of Lawrence, Kansas. The director, Fally Afani, shot one second of every day in 2014. Afani embarked on the yearlong documentary after getting a GoPro from her mom.

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"This community is a haven for musicians, it's very easy to live and work in the scene here. I'm lucky that I get to photograph bands and enjoy life in such a vibrant city," says the journalist, wife, and mom, who's lived in Lawrence for nearly 15 years.

Lawrence's bustling liberal arts community is the co-star of the video, sharing top billing with Afani's rambunctious four-year-old daughter, Layla.

Facebook: FallyAfaniPhotography

"It's exhausting just to watch her," joked Afani about looking back at a year's worth of Layla footage. "Sometimes kids just don't run out of energy. After seeing the way she had me running around all year, I'm surprised I made it in one piece."