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9-Month-Old Baby Charged With Attempted Murder, Pakistani Court Realizes That's Stupid And Drops Case


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Nine-month-old Musa Kahn was charged last week with attempted murder in Lahore after his family was involved in a protest against police and gas company workers.

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This photo from April 3, of the crying baby getting finger-printed, quickly spread around the world.


Musa's family, along with a lot of other people, were upset about a rise in gas prices and a cut in services. When the gas company — escorted by police — attempted to collect overdue bills, disgruntled customers started throwing stones.

When an assistant sub-inspector for the gas company complained that Musa's family had beat him up, everyone — including the baby who can barely stand on his own — were hauled in by police.

Fortunately, on Saturday, the charges against the nine-month-old were dropped. "Police told the court that the nomination of Musa in the case of attacking police and gas company officials was a human error," said defense attorney Irfan Sadiq.

When talking to reporters, Musa's grandfather said it best: "He doesn't even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly. How can he stone the police?"

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