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24 Awesome Photos Of Maasai Warriors Playing Cricket

Clearly the most bad ass cricket match of all time. And for a good cause. Within their own community, the Massai Cricket Warriors hope to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and help do away with backwards cultural practices such as female genital mutilation and child brides.

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Thomas Mukoya / Reuters

The Maasai Cricket Warriors are role models in their communities where they actively campaign against harmful cultural practices, such as female genital mutilation and early childhood marriages, while fighting to eradicate discrimination against women in Maasailand. Through cricket, they hope to promote healthier lifestyles and also spread awareness about HIV/AIDS amongst youth. They have been invited to play in the Last Man Stands Twenty20 Championship in Cape Town, South Africa but are doubtful of their participation due to lack of sponsorships. Photo taken in Mombasa, Kenya, March 17, 2012.

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