22 Mesmerizing, Mundane Photos Of A Day In The Life Of Darth Vader

    The force awakens...then takes a shower and brushes its teeth.

    1. Meet Darth Vader. Nuh uh. Not that Darth Vader. This particular Sith Lord's full name is Darth Mykolaiovych Vader and he lives in Ukraine.

    2. Yup. That's his real name. He officially changed it when he ran for mayor of Odessa in October. Had a campaign team consisting of stormtroopers and everything. And he didn't do too shabby! Came in 15th out of 42 candidates.

    3. But now that the political season is over, what does a guy who officially changed his name to a Star Wars character and still makes public appearances in costume do with his day?

    4. Turns out his day is much like everyone else's. He gets up and he takes a shower.

    5. Brushes his grill.

    6. Makes some breakfast.

    7. Catches up on the news.

    8. Kisses the pets goodbye.

    9. Commutes to work.

    10. Does his civic duty.

    11. Goes to meetings.

    12. LUNCH!

    13. Goes to more meetings.

    14. Yodels to heaven when the work day is done.

    15. Gets back home and walks the dog.

    16. Makes awkward chit chat with other dog owners.

    17. Does some tidying up around the house.

    18. Embroiders Luke and Leia's jammies.

    19. Plots the resurgence of the Empire and the destruction of the Rebel Alliance.

    20. Does some light yoga.

    21. Unwinds with a trashy romance.

    22. And it's off to beddie bye time.

    From this Reuters photo essay.