17 Things You Will Love Or Hate In South Korea

Most of us move there to teach English. Some of us stay… some of us leave. Here’s why.

1. 1. Kimchi

It’s an obvious stab but this fermented cabbage seems to make people do one of two things - gag or ask for more.

2. 2. Spitting in public

You may have heard this sound??


3. 3. Matching clothes

“Just so you know, we’re in a relationship.”

4. 4. The fascination with poop

AND, there’s a theme park. Google it.

5. 5. The Pizza

Sweet potato? Egg? Some sort of mayonnaise substance?

9. 9. Soju

The alcoholic beverage of choice that will creep up and make you wish you were never born.

10. 10. Hiking!

If you’ve been, you know.

11. 11. This.

The gift that keeps on giving.

12. 12. The personal bubble… or lack of

13. 13. Sitting on the floor at restaurants

Some of us… just… can’t!

15. 15. This stuff

The premium lager of choice.

16. 16. The lights!

Sometimes, it’s brighter outside.

17. 17. Staring

Sorry for being a foreigner.

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