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If You Don't Know Who Joe Santagato Is, You're Missing Out

This guy needs to have his own Netflix special

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For those of you who don't know, Joe Santagato is a successful YouTube comedian.

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Let me start out by giving you a little background information on this handsome guy.

Joe started out making funny YouTube videos with his brother Keith around late 2010, early 2011. His channel was simple and entertaining, a theme he has maintained to this very day.

He has two channels titled: Joe Santagato and Extra Joe. The former is his comedy channel and the latter is his vlogging channel. Both are equally hilarious and worth subscribing to.

On his main comedy channel, Joe posts one video every Tuesday which is typically another addition to one of his various series. Some of the titles of his series are: "Idiots of the Internet," "People of Wal-Mart," and "Only on Craigslist."

He also does a few different series with his brother Keith, and the rest of his family, some of which are titled: "Mad Lib Madness," "What'd Ya Say," and "Watch Ya Mouth."

For the series "Watch Ya Mouth," Joe came up with an idea for a game which involved putting in a mouthpiece that made answering a question difficult, incoherent, and funny. Upon requests from his fans, he teamed up with Hasbro and turned his idea into an actual buyable game called "Speak Out." That may sound a tad familiar to you; that's because Ellen Degeneres frequently plays it on her talk show with her guests. Very few people know that the game was actually Joe's brainchild.

On his second channel, Extra Joe, he posts various videos of himself and his family living everyday life. He also spends some of his time discussing issues that are important to him and really engages with his YouTube audience. The main reason I'd suggest watching that channel though is for the simple reason that both him and his family are unbelievably hilarious without even trying.

Now most of you must be wondering- so? What makes Joe so special compared to other comedians? Well, first of all, he is insanely hilarious. If you're like me, then you only like very few stand-up comedians and even then, you aren't fully happy with those selects. Don't get me wrong, no comedian is on all the time, but if there's anyone that I can say is incredibly consistent with their level of humor, it's this guy.

From YouTube to Vine to his podcasts, Joe has just showered the internet with his creativity and inborn comedic talent.

One of the many ways Joe found success online was through the Vine application.

Vine was an app launched in early 2013 which allowed anyone to create a profile and post videos that were only six seconds long. Vine became very popular and soon many users were getting major attention for their six second creativity. Joe was one of these people.

Joe's videos were creative and funny, a true treat to watch. His family and friends also made some hilarious cameos from time to time.

Even though the Vine app was taken down a while ago, you can still see some of his funniest six second shorts here:

WARNING: Contains Expletives.

Funniest Joe Santagato Vines 2015 | NEW Trends | Best Vines | HD

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Vine Record / Via

Joe's podcasts are also wildly entertaining and a great way to appreciate his comedy.

His first podcast was "The Basement Yard," in which he discusses sports, comedy, and tells incredibly entertaining personal anecdotes. It's funny and insightful all at the same time; definitely worth following. Joe also periodically uploads videos of some of his funniest podcasts to his Extra Joe YouTube channel.

Also, Joe recently started another podcast with his friend Greg Dybec called "Other People's Lives." On this channel, the two friends seek out people with interesting and unique stories to tell. They focus on understanding and exploring other people's experiences, which is a truly beautiful concept. It's an awesome way to connect with one another and learn about the world and other human beings.

Both podcasts can be found on SoundCloud.

Being a talented comedian is not all that makes Joe so amazing. It's also the goodness of his heart.

Despite having over 2 million subscribers, Joe has remained extremely true to his values and beliefs. He has stated time and time again that he does not believe in meet and greets because he doesn't want to charge people money for meeting him. In fact, the first and last time he did a meet and greet was to raise money for charity. Check out the video below.

SantagaTOYS Charity Toy Drive

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Joe Santagato / Via "

Ultimately, what I love the most about Joe is that he stays true to who he is.

Ever since I started watching Joe's videos a few years ago, I have not only enjoyed his comedy but I have also learned a lot from him. His love for his family, friends, and deep attachment to his values and roots is admirable.

He doesn't speak much about politics or social issues, but he definitely makes his opinion known when he feels passionately about something. Just recently, he discussed his decision to not attend VidCon because he doesn't like the rising disingenuous and unoriginal vibe of the YouTube community. It's enlightening and respectable, and he somehow still manages to make it hysterically funny.

I truly believe Joe Santagato is the future of comedy and the entertainment industry. He keeps it real, doesn't give himself undue credit (he probably doesn't even give himself enough credit), and focuses on his craft rather than the drama and money.

Not only is he an absolutely hilarious and effective comedian, but he is also a stellar human being and role model.

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