15 Super Athletic Feats That May Never Be Topped

Almost every jaw-dropping athletic feat you see on the Internet was preceded by countless hours of practice and determination. Here are 15 athletes who are clearly winning from within. Express what #WinFromWithin means to you by creating your own digital Gatorade bottle at Gatorade.com.

1. The Cartwheel Kick Shot

2. The Waterslide Alley-Oop Basketball Shot

3. The Between-The-Legs Backboard Bounce Alley-Oop

4. The Hardest Way To Put On A Hat

5. The Double Backflip Cliff Jump

6. The Snowboard Truck Flip

7. The Skateboard Heel Flip

8. The BMX Misty Flip

9. The Wall-Climbing Backflip

10. The Five Alley-Oop Combo

11. The One-Legged Hop Flips

12. The Half-Stadium Basketball Shot

13. The Head-Above-The-Rim Leap

14. The Superman Standing Leap

15. The Double Backflip To A Flying Reverse Tuck

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