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    • gatesbee

      “This chart, now long-lost, accounted for the already taken men and the fact that we never saw our male engineering friends unless they tookabreak from studying (ditto for the student-athletes).” Because FEMALE engineers aren’t also constantly holed up in the E-Quad and FEMALE student-athetes aren’t constantly bogged down with practices and tournaments? Come on now. Anybody with any sort of stats background would see that this has zero effect on the dating ratio. And if you REALLY were bothered by the fact that you weren’t being approached, how about just approaching THEM? And before you say that “white girls wouldn’t need to do that,” hear me out. Just think about the pool of boys we’re dealing with here. Princeton boys can be kind of dorky and silly and shy, and sometimes they just need the idea that you’d like to date them planted in their head. That goes for Princetonians of ALL colors. Try again.

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