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7 People Who Have Made Bad Decisions

Using an antacid when you should be using Gas-X®? Classic bad decision. Here are some more examples of what happens when people are presented with an easy choice... and blow it.

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1. Presented without comment.

Mike / Via

2. "I was gonna get a certified used car, but then I found a bargain on Craig's List."

David Kowis / Via Flickr: davidkowis

3. "Guys! Check out this trick! I guarantee I won't fall in the pool."

4. "Seriously. SERIOUSLY. What could go wrong?"

5. "I'll use my parkour to get away -- later!"

6. "Hey, let's go climb a tree with Stupid Andre! What could go wrong?"

7. "Surprise! Look what I did to your car!'

Derrick Noh / Via Flickr: dsix