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    19 Irish Drinks You Must Try This Paddy's Day (That Aren't Guinness)

    Nothing against the good 'ol pint of the black stuff, but Ireland's drink game goes way beyond stout. Come througgghhhh & clink drinks! Sláinte.

    We're not against Guinness

    – Even Bey likes the G...

    But there's more that Ireland produces than that...

    Across the Emerald Isle, the craft beer and small batch spirit distillery business is booming. It isn't just selling locally, but is also becoming increasingly popular overseas.

    Here are a few suggestions to wet your whistle this Paddy's Day! 🍻

    1. Bertha's Revenge Gin

    The idea of a 'milk gin' might sound a bit peculiar to you, especially as it's named after the world's oldest cow, but believe us: this gin is something else! Made in West Cork by Ballyvolane House using alcohol whey (a cheesemaking by-product), as apposed to barley or wheat grain, and filled with local botanicals – some foraged right off the trees and meadows – this gin's delicate flavour is both soothing and surprising. You'll taste cardamon, cumin and sweet citrus on first sip.

    2. Jack Cody's Brewery

    3. Blackwater Juniper Cask Gin

    Chilling in casks made of juniper tree wood for a month or so, this Juniper Cask Gin is next level gin with a woody, smoky and fragrant taste, balancing sweet, spice, citrus and smoke. Blackwater Distillery, based in west Waterford, also produces copper pot still-made vodka and its small batch traditional No. 5 Irish gin.

    4. O'Hara's

    5. Tanora

    6. Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur

    7. Galway Hooker Pale Ale

    8. Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company

    9. Feeney's Irish Cream

    10. 8 Degrees Brewing

    11. The White Hag Brewing Company

    Plan your route home this eve to include launch of our new coffee stout in @Pmacspub @Cassidys27 @BlackbirdRath @7pm

    The White Hag is a Sligo-based brewery named after the Irish mythological name for a witch, which naturally makes your ears prick up and make you thirsty, yeah? Though it may be Irish, some of their range includes the Samhain Oktoberfest Larger, perfect for chillier nights around Halloween, or their Irish wit beer, which is a fantastic Irish take on a Belgian blond beer. Keep an eye out too for their Oatmeal Chocolate Milk Stout too!

    12. Barry's Tea

    13. Gallopers

    There's something brewing up in Norn Iron, and it's being done by none other than Eamonn Holmes' son. Yes, THE Eammon Holmes off the tellybox! Night Cap Beer Company is relatively new on the market and its first brew, Gallopers Golden Ale, is already a hit in Belfast and beyond.

    14. Liberties Oak Devil Irish Whiskey

    15. Red Lemonade

    16. Poitín

    17. Rock Shandy

    18. RubyBlue, Ireland's Potato Vodka

    With a slew of spirits awards under its belt, RubyBlue is flying the flag for Irish vodka with this potato distilled vodka, smooth and sweet in taste with hints of apple and vanilla – great as a base for cocktails. Produced by one family in Co. Antrim, they also have a number of fruit-flavoured liqueurs and a whiskey cask-finished special edition of the potato vodka.

    19. Cidona

    As always, drink responsibly dudes!

    Especially if you get your hands on Tanora...


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