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19 Irish Drinks You Must Try This Paddy's Day (That Aren't Guinness)

Nothing against the good 'ol pint of the black stuff, but Ireland's drink game goes way beyond stout. Come througgghhhh & clink drinks! Sláinte.

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But there's more that Ireland produces than that...

Across the Emerald Isle, the craft beer and small batch spirit distillery business is booming. It isn't just selling locally, but is also becoming increasingly popular overseas.

Here are a few suggestions to wet your whistle this Paddy's Day! 🍻

1. Bertha's Revenge Gin

The idea of a 'milk gin' might sound a bit peculiar to you, especially as it's named after the world's oldest cow, but believe us: this gin is something else! Made in West Cork by Ballyvolane House using alcohol whey (a cheesemaking by-product), as apposed to barley or wheat grain, and filled with local botanicals – some foraged right off the trees and meadows – this gin's delicate flavour is both soothing and surprising. You'll taste cardamon, cumin and sweet citrus on first sip.

2. Jack Cody's Brewery

Instagram: @son0vagun

Based in the heart of 'Ireland's Ancient East' in Drogheda, Co. Louth, nestled along the eastern coast hugging the Irish Sea, Jack Cody's is one of the many small, independent breweries booming at the moment in this area that's equidistant between Dublin and the border with Northern Ireland. With a slowly-growing range of craft beers and limited edition specials, they've even gone and dedicated an extra strong, seasonal stout to St. Patrick himself, made in a limited run every March. Pour one out for your 'ol bro, St. Paddy 👊

3. Blackwater Juniper Cask Gin

Chilling in casks made of juniper tree wood for a month or so, this Juniper Cask Gin is next level gin with a woody, smoky and fragrant taste, balancing sweet, spice, citrus and smoke. Blackwater Distillery, based in west Waterford, also produces copper pot still-made vodka and its small batch traditional No. 5 Irish gin.

4. O'Hara's

Instagram: @oharasbeers

The Carlow Brewing Company, also known as 'O'Hara's', is celebrating 20 years of brewing in Leinster this year and is one of the most popular craft beers and widely available across the country, propping up taps across the Emerald Isle, the UK and the States. Their rich red Ale, traditional Irish Stout and golden Wheat 'Curim' Beer are particularly fantastic.

5. Tanora

Instagram: @itscorklike

Moving into the designated drivers zone, one of the most difficult beverages to find in Ireland, but yet one of the most delicious is Tanora. Think of any orange soda (but this is bright ruby red) and swap that tangy, cloying orange flavour with the light, smooth taste of tangerine. It's proudle made in County Cork, and with some notable exceptions, is near on impossible to find elsewhere! Them feckin' rebels...

6. Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur

Instagram: @kerrygoldusa

Far from feckin' Espresso Martinis we were raised, we'll tell ye! 🍸

Bet you didn't know there were this much choice in Irish cream liqueurs other than Baileys! Kerrygold is the butter brand we all know and love, wildly sold around he globe and especially beloved in the States, and now they've developed their own Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur. New to the market, where others might use an angelic combination of fresh cream and white chocolate, this one bucks the trend with buttery creaminess and milk chocolate – giving it a darker chocolate colour but literally hugging your tastebuds in velvety silkiness. Imagine this in a boozy mousse....

7. Galway Hooker Pale Ale

Instagram: @galway_hooker_brewery

Reppin' Connaught proper and the City of Tribes, is Galway Hooker – whose name was decided by public competition before your mind goes wandering! Brewed in Oranmore, a large town outside Galway City, there's a distinct caramel undertone to this pale ale, which you'll find also in Ireland's red beers. Having expanded their range over the past decade, you'll find lots of choice from stouts to amber lagers and specials.

8. Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company

Instagram: @son0vagun

Based in the bustling seaside town of Bray, Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company has to be credited for the monikers they give to their brews. For example, A Beer Called Rwanda, infuses a typical English-style brown ale with the rich nuttiness of Rwandan lightly roasted coffee, but it's their limited edition "Children of the Revolution" bottle that will grab you this year – a commemorative treat in respect of the 1916 Rising Centenary.

9. Feeney's Irish Cream

Instagram: @feeneys_

With great grass comes great dairy... but big responsibility, which is why Feeney's is worth a sipple or two. This incredibly fresh Irish cream liqueuer is made by moving milk to distillery within 24 hours so it stays rich, creamy and impeccably fresh-tasting, unlike some other creamy liqueurs which sit for too long and get a tainted, sharp alcohol taste. Feeney's drinks like melted vanilla ice-cream, spiked with a whiskey edge. Dreamy!

10. 8 Degrees Brewing

Instagram: @eightdegreesbrewing

Firmly established over the past decade, 8 Degrees from Mitchelstown in Cork prides itself on being naturally adventurous and their names are spot on: 'Grand Stretch IPA', 'Oxy Moron Kiwi Wit' and 'Barefoot Bohemian'... Their Sunburnt Irish Red Ale mixes flavours of toffee with orange hops while their Howling Gale Pale Ale is light and sprightly with grapefruit and citrus aromas – perfect for a sunny day BBQ.

11. The White Hag Brewing Company

Plan your route home this eve to include launch of our new coffee stout in @Pmacspub @Cassidys27 @BlackbirdRath @7pm

The White Hag is a Sligo-based brewery named after the Irish mythological name for a witch, which naturally makes your ears prick up and make you thirsty, yeah? Though it may be Irish, some of their range includes the Samhain Oktoberfest Larger, perfect for chillier nights around Halloween, or their Irish wit beer, which is a fantastic Irish take on a Belgian blond beer. Keep an eye out too for their Oatmeal Chocolate Milk Stout too!

12. Barry's Tea

Instagram: @barrysteagram

Sure, where would you be without it? Ireland's naturally the biggest tea drinking community in the world (per capita) and sure wouldn't Mrs. Doyle be proud? Tea is the solution to all of lives problems, which every Irish mammy will attest to. Barry's Tea, arguably Ireland's best – but it's a photo finish between it, Lyons and Bewley's – hails from the rebel county of Cork (though obviously not grown there), and is internationally sold as THE Irish tea you need. The green box is elementary, the red box is superb, the black box is next level. What level of tea guzzler are you?

13. Gallopers

There's something brewing up in Norn Iron, and it's being done by none other than Eamonn Holmes' son. Yes, THE Eammon Holmes off the tellybox! Night Cap Beer Company is relatively new on the market and its first brew, Gallopers Golden Ale, is already a hit in Belfast and beyond.

14. Liberties Oak Devil Irish Whiskey

Instagram: @lsmith9270

The Liberties is an iconic patch of Dublin city, once home to the brothels and back-end boozers, it's now home to some of the most pure and traditional Dubliners you could find. Its famous daughter, Imelda May, has spread its name worldwide, whilst the iconic St. James Gate and the Guinness Storehouse both lie nearby. The brewing and distillery tradition remains alive in the name of this Dublin-inspired Irish whiskey, Liberties, which sings in notes caramel, Christmas cake and pepper.. no, seriously!

15. Red Lemonade

Instagram: @pixieeimear

Ask any Irish person: if they were brought to the pub as a child, what were they given to drink? This was it – Red lemonade. A very Irish phenomenon, red lemonade is basically everyday clear lemonade (like Sprite or 7UP) with a bit of red colouring added to it which, obviously, makes it 4,000,000 times better 👍. The fact it's only available in Ireland makes it feel extra special (though there's a now-debunked myth that there were ingredients in it only allowed for consumption in Ireland, not the rest of the EU). For the grown-up kids, it's a great mixer with whiskey and some of the biggest brands include TK, Nash's and Cadet.

16. Poitín

Instagram: @banpoitin

Traditionally a rural farmhouse alcohol made in very small batches, poitín ranges in strength from 40 - 90% ABV, making it one of the strongest drinks on the planet. Outlawed for 300 years as an illegal moonshine, for the past 20 years it's been growing in trend and is now a reputable rouge of the Irish drinks trolley. Bán Poitín is becoming a regular fixture in top bars of Dublin, Belfast and London and is produced in Co. Down.

17. Rock Shandy

Instagram: @vengold35

Club is a long-established Irish soft drinks producer, with orange, lemon and apple flavours found in a can or bottle to quench thirst at a moment's notice (and spike sugar levels), but Club Rock Shandy is a particular blend of the orange and lemon flavours that's specific to Ireland. Rock Shandy float anyone?

18. RubyBlue, Ireland's Potato Vodka

With a slew of spirits awards under its belt, RubyBlue is flying the flag for Irish vodka with this potato distilled vodka, smooth and sweet in taste with hints of apple and vanilla – great as a base for cocktails. Produced by one family in Co. Antrim, they also have a number of fruit-flavoured liqueurs and a whiskey cask-finished special edition of the potato vodka.

19. Cidona

Instagram: @kallavelle

Lesser-spotted Cidona is a traditional sparkling apple drink found across Ireland and increasingly in Irish 'world food' sections in UK supermarkets. Launched by the same people who produce Bulmers – arguably Ireland's biggest cider – in 1955, it's now produced by Britvic. We all remember the tagline, right? "No escaping the taste"

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