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    15 Of Dublin's Greatest Juices

    More green than Glenroe Farm. More minerals than a well-stocked pub. Vitamins coming out of your Ballybrack-side. Dublin is getting all juicy-goosey...

    1. Green Lemonade at Counter Culture

    (c) Counter Culture

    Dem greenz.

    More green than you'll ever have in your wallet, trust. Head over to the Powerscourt Townhouse and €4 will get you this green goddess packed with kale, celery, cucumber and spinach, all sweetened with a little agave and topped up with Tipperary sparkling water. Hangover? Hulk this into ye.

    2. Cool Beets from The Juice Store

    (c) The Juice Store

    Available at the new store in that posh, old-fashioned shopping centre no one ever thinks to walk through, the Royal Hibernian Way on Dawson St. There's just seven juices to choose from, handily all numbered but also each named, but there's one knock-out in particular: No. 3. From the colour, you'll guess that it's full of carrot, beetroot, apple, then bam, courgette. yellow or orange pepper. YES PLEASE. Finally, LEMON. Earthy, sweet, sharp. Heaven on a hot day.

    Not only are they organic, these are all freshly-juiced in a bladeless juicer retaining all the cold-pressed goodness and no lost nutrients. WINNING. No.3 is €3.75 for 250ml and €6 for 500ml.

    3. Anti-Everything at Alchemy Juice Co.

    (c) Alchemy Juice Co.

    You know all those really good things that you are always told you should put in a juice but you continually forget or can't be arsed? Alchemy has done it for you.. and the Anti-Everything is IT in a recycled glass bottle.

    Carrot. Apple. Lemon. Ginger, sure, but oil and pepper? Really queen?

    It actually helps the turmeric absorb into the system, which is widely considered one of the most healing spices ever discovered. Alchemy's not only great for juicing, healthy salads and coffee, what a super stealthy people-watching spot! You're guaranteed to see someone you once shifted walking down Grafton Street 60% of the time, every time. Thankfully you're spared embarassment by being tucked up inside BT2.

    You're welcome.

    4. The Mighty Detox at Freshii

    5. VIT ABC from Sprout & Co.

    6. Happiness at Póg Froyo

    7. Pret a Protein at Urban Health, Ranelagh

    (c) Urban Health

    You don't need to be a gym bunny to have a penchant for protein, and this juice is a dumbell and a half. Beasting it with enough green to make the Hulk jealous, Urban Health stuff apple, cucumber, avocado, pineapple and spirulina into this sipper. It's packed with healthy vitamins & minerals as well as healthy fats and protein. Part blended (pineapple, avocado, spirulina) and part juiced, this is the perfect energy-boosting, cholesterol-lowering, ultra-hydrating drink that's good to grab and go or also part of the new Ranelagh cafe's 3 or 5-day juice detox programme.

    8. Up-Beet at Jump Juice Bars

    (c) Jump Juice Bars

    The stalwart of stations and shopping centres 'round the city, you've long walked past a Jump juice bar and 9 times out of 10 you've opted for a smoothie. Fairplay, but try this Up-Beet juice and watch yourself floating down the street, turning around and swiftly going back for another. Seriously. Time yourself and get back to us.

    Addictive and available pretty much wherever a crowd forms.

    9. Root or Clean Green at Sister Sadie

    (c) Sister Sadie Cafe

    These shades of green and purple really need to be added to the primary colour chart.

    Well, maybe a separate colour scheme.

    Yes. One for juice-heads who have INCREDIBLE eyesight because they're drinking so much of this friggin' liquid gold.

    Pick up a Clean Green (kale, spinach, cucumber, ginger, mint, lemon, apple) or Root Juice (beetroot, carrot, orange & apple) at Brother Hubbard's little blister on Harrington Street, Sister Sadie.

    10. The Boss from Green Beards

    (c) Greenbards / Aisling Mccoy

    Every TD&H seems to be sporting a beard these days, so why not dye it green? Get a load of this! The Boss (Springsteen-approved*) comes chock full of the meanest greens in all the land. This little hand-sized Hulk is cucumber, lettuce, parsley, chard, spinach, kale and wild nettle. STINGINGLY good, this boosts your energy, lowers cholesterol and is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants as well as swimming in its own chlorophyll-yness.

    Cold-pressed, organic and as local as you like, it's €4.50 for small, €6.50 for large. Pick these up at the Green Beards pop-up shop on Baggot Street or slurp alongside super healthy salads, soups and sambos at the likes of Cocu, Eathos, KC Peaches or Blazing Salads.

    *the jury's out, but he should

    11. Bottled Fresh Juices at Veggie Vixen – Cornucopia

    (c) Cornucopia Dublin Facebook

    Made and bottled fresh daily then kept in the fridge, you'll be tempted to take one every time you find yourself here for amazing plates of veggie and vegan food (and, sidebar: the best veggie breakie in the city centre, FYI)

    From the Green Goddess and Ginger Sunrise to Beetiful You and Rubylicious, these are a fantastic grab-and-go option if you're darting around the Grafton Street or Wicklow Street area. Shake 'em to wake 'up and them slurp 'em right down!

    12. Fresh Juices at Wagamama

    keep it fresh with one of our #rawjuices to accompany your dinner and follow the #wayofwagamama

    An ice cold Asian beer is a cool accompaniment to Wagamama's distinct brand of Asian fusion, but their selection of juices is second to none. Raw juices, freshly made to-order will soothe all manner of spiciness. We particularly love the newbie on the block, Blueberry spice, with blueberries, apple, carrot and ginger.

    13. Green Goliath at Staple Foods

    (c) Staple Foods

    This ain't any old cold-pressed green juice; it might look like pond water but this tastes as fresh, zingy and ass-kicking as a sharp summer lemonade. Superfood stun hun the chia seed is whipped up in this bad boy alongside the usual suspects: kale, cucumber, apple, lemon and mint. €5.50 at the cafe in Temple Bar or the newly-opened second site on Grattan Street, squeezed between Merrion Square and Grand Canal.

    14. EVERYTHING at Honest To Goodness

    (c) Honest To Goodness Facebook

    One of the best juice menus is found at this city centre restaurant on Dame Court. Always changing and using fresh, seasonal ingredients, the clue is in the name. Honest to Jaysus, this is serious goodness! Ever juiced parnsip? You're about to try it....

    15. Susan Jane White's Pina Kale-Ada

    View this video on YouTube

    Okay. You can't buy this. BUT you can make it. Blogger, cookbook author, healthy superhero and general nutritional nutcase Susan Jane White has popped up on Youtube with Jamie Oliver's lot to show you how to make a drool-inducing tropical mocktail spiked with sweet pineapple, earthy with juiced kale, spritzed with fresh lime, spiced with super turmeric and coco-nutty with – you guessed it – coconut milk! We don't advocate rocking up to her house in search of this golden nectar but maaaaybe if you ask nicely she'll whip up a round or two...

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