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24 Signs You're The Black Sheep Of The Family

No, mom. It's not just a phase.

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1. Ever since you were a child, you've felt that you were different from the rest of your family.


"Strange," "weird," and "unique" were among the kindest things people could think of to describe you.


3. While your cousins wanted to straighten and braid their hair, you wanted to dye yours red and wear wacky hairstyles.

5. Family dinners tend to go downhill pretty quickly when you're around.


Because it seems like your family members just can't seem to enjoy a lovely meal without touching on some topic that irritates you.

6. Like, for example, politics. It's like the smell of food sets off a chemical reaction in their brains that encourages political debate.

7. Dinner time is also apparently the perfect time for your family to tell you everything that you *should* be doing with your life.


"Why don't you join a gym?" "Have you tried meeting some nice boys at your school?" "You know, it's really about time for you to get a haircut..."


8. Everything turns into an argument in your house. Even the food. If your family likes healthy food, you're the only one who eats like a child.

12. And at some point in your life, you must have exclaimed in exasperation: "No, mom. It's not just a phase. This is ME!!!"


15. You're still the only one who hasn't introduced your boyfriend or girlfriend to the family. / Via Twitter: @bsecchim

You're the complete opposite of your cousins, who take their significant others to absolutely EVERY family function.

16. And, if you have ever introduced a significant other to your family, they instantly became the main topic of conversation in your house, either because they're too old, their hair is too long, or they're covered in tattoos.


19. When your family has company coming over, you go out of your way not to answer the door.


You hole up in your room, spying through the crack in the door, waiting for them to leave so you can go to the kitchen and eat something.

20. Your old high school friends never stop posting pictures of their weddings, honeymoons, and kids.

21. Usually, everyone gets sleepy and goes to bed shortly after watching some post-dinner TV... except for you, who likes to stay up until all hours of the night, like a vampire.

This post was translated from Portuguese.


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