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A Group Of Women Hilariously Recorded A Video While Trying To Take A Selfie

The video has been dubbed by some people as "the best selfie in the world."

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Last week, this video of a group of women trying to take a selfie while the camera was filming went viral.

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"After they all went home, Silvia (who filmed the attempted selfie) decided to look at the pictures on the phone and found the video. When she saw it, she burst out laughing and sent it off to the other sisters," Camila explained.

She says all the ladies have WhatsApp and Facebook and are super active on social media. "They're the ones who message the most in the family group," says Camila. / Via

"When they get together, things get crazy! My mother Odete, and Vanda are the craziest. And Derlice and Silvia are way calmer, which brings balance."