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    • garys40

      The five day test match referenced above (which actually only went for four days, because Australia won ‘early’) is part of a five match series. The series, called ‘The Ashes’ (a very long story, the Wiki entry is good, if brief) is played biennially between England and Australia . It is the most famous, most cherished and most begrudged prize in international cricket. Because drawn matches are so common in test cricket (as opposed to tied, once again, long story), it is entirely possible that the two teams of eleven (12) elite professional players, with all their coaches, subs and entourage, squads of umpires and a swarm of media, will toil for 25 days over about two months, in front of tens of thousands at the grounds and millions via tele, and still fail to produce a clear result. Test cricket makes a grand statement about the ultimate folly and pointlessness of life and all human endevour, and that is why it is by far the best thing the entire sporting world has to offer.

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