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    • garyp7

      It is truly unbelievable how many Liberal/ Obama morons are spouting off like this. Even if all wars were just, our soldiers have put their lives on the line without hesition or regard for themselves. They deserve this time to be celebrated. We owe themahuge debt of graditude. As far as Bush, Almost all of his hospital visits were unannounced and private meeting, still to this day he isafixture at these hospitals and other facilities. He gasacharitable foundation and holds golf outings and bike races for those injured.Ican not believe even know how you’ll treat Bush. 1. Saddam was aiding the suicide bomber with cash to families, 2.All reports said they had WMD, They have always been thought to be in Syria, 3. Obama didn’t wind down the wars they were on Bushes schedule. 4, The Un had how many warning to Saddam.5. the Victory sigh on the Aircraft carrier was done by the ship commander not Bush’s people. He was imbaressed by the event. 6. return soldiers have contantly reported finding caches of shells and traces of Chemicals. They know the weapons were there.7We were surprise at the response of the Iraq’s lack of support for us. The warlords and Al Quida set up shop, therefore the long war. Clinton had his chances to defuse things but sent1cruise missile, Bush had to deal with 9/11, Afgan. wasamust hit, but we needed Saddam out of the way. Nr also hadahit out on Papa Bush. The House voted for the wars unlike Obama’s fight in Lybia,Syria and aid to Egypt etc. History will eventualy show Bush to beavery good Pres. And Obama maybe the worst in history..By the way, our Financial bust is on the Dems..Clinton, Barney Franks, Dodd, The Dem controlled house and Senate. Nancy Pelosi aand Harry Ried. And of course Obama before and after election..So the blame is not all on Bush.

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