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    • garymk

      AN OPEN LETTER TO Corning Community College, Dr. Katherine Douglas, and the residents of Corning NY, and Steuben County, WhenIwasacollege student in Buffalo NY and driving to visit my relatives in NYC or Philadelphia, the 24 hour “book store” (with blinking lights on the marquee night & day) on Dennison Parkway/old Route #17 in downtown Corning was the only place thatIfelt comfortable exploring gay pornographic magazines! Hundreds of miles from my nearest relatives, without the possibility of roommates or friends looking over my shoulder,Ifinally found the courage to purchase pornography of my choice! Thank you CORNING for helping me explore my sexuality! Please do not deny others from that same opportunity of learning about sexuality on their own terms, in whatever legal form that may take. Sincerely, GARY M. KLEIN
      Salem, Oregon

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