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77 Stunning Photos Of Australian Places And Faces

Go on an A to Z journey of an Australia ready to go to the polls, through the eyes of ABC reporters, photographers, and citizen journalists.

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Stacey Leigh Cash / Via

A competitor at the Clermont rodeo. Rodeo and campdrafting events are a common sight in the electorate of Capricornia which takes in a large area of prime agricultural land.


Carol Raabus / Via

Hobart's connection to Antarctica is very visible in winter with the Australian ship Aurora Australis and the French icebreaker L'Astrolabe docking in Hobart, in the seat of Denison, while it's too frozen to travel to Antarctica.


Matt Fallon / Via

Patrick Mung takes his family back to Texas Downs Station where he lived and worked as a stockman. At over a million and a half square kilometres, the electorate of Durack is bigger than most of Australia's states with the exception of Queensland and the state of Western Australia itself.


rachisaac / Via

Southern Tasmania is a perfect spot to see the Aurora Australis. Tinderbox, in the electorate of Franklin, is a favourite spot for aurora chasers looking for clear skies without city light pollution.


Emma Wynne / Via

Statue of former member for Fremantle and Prime Minister, John Curtin, in front of the Town Hall. Existing since Federation, Fremantle has been a Labor seat for most of its history.


Rae Allen / Via

The Brisbane cricket ground (aka 'The Gabba' - in the electorate of Griffith) is the home of the Brisbane Lions AFL team as well as Queensland cricket teams for all forms of the game.


Rae Allen / Via

Education is a major part of the Griffith electorate with a number of large private secondary schools, and the cities largest public school, Brisbane State High School with almost 2400 students.


Rosalie D / Via

A Fraser Island dingo looks into what could be the best lunch of his life. Fraser Island, in the electorate of Wide Bay, is home to a unique dingo population, with the separation from the mainland helping to maintain the purity of the bloodline.

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