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    Posted on Oct 7, 2013

    7 Robots That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

    The WildCat is just the latest in a long line of robots designed to freak you out.

    1. WildCat


    Boston Dynamics' WildCat can run at up to 16mph (26kph). Yep, that's probably faster than you.

    2. Atlas


    Can you balance on one leg while someone hits you with a 20kg weight? Atlas can

    3. Big Dog


    Can you maintain your balance on icy ground while some guy wedges his foot in your guts? Nope? Big Dog can.


    Oh, and here's Big Dog throwing cinderblocks.

    4. Swarming quadrotors


    What's scarier than a swarm of quadrotors coming through your bedroom window at night? A swarm of quadrotors with coming through your bedroom window WITH MACHINE GUNS!!!

    5. Autonomous Segways


    Aussie firm Marathon Robotics has come up with autonomous Segway droids for use on live-fire ranges. They know to run when shots are fired.

    6. Sentry robots

    Samsung is mostly known for big-screen TVs, but they also do a line in ED-209-esque sentry droids.

    7. Petman


    Boston Dynamics says Petman is used to test protection clothing. Come on! It's basically the Terminator!

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