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7 Inspiring Gifs From Stuntfest 2013

Amazing cheerleaders kick back and flip out.

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"It's not an organized event. It's like, the competition's over and everybody's still in Daytona, there's no stress -- and so, they think, 'We're the best cheerleaders in the entire world, let's speed date but in cheerleader format'," Carmine Silano, owner of CheerSounds, told The Huffington Post.



"So many people in the world don't even know that this sort of cheerleading even exists," he said. "Everybody thinks of poms poms and they don't realize that there's this really acrobatic side of it. That's really amazing to me - it's what got me into cheerleading in the first place - so I wanted to capture it on film."

"It's all about dedication. Don't think you can't be as awesome as the people in this video because at one point, they probably didn't realize they could do this either. Dream big, don't think you can't be this. Remember: They're just college kids having fun on a beach."