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11 Amazing Works From The ECA Degree Show

Each year Edinburgh College of Art subjects its graduating class to the scrutiny of the art-going public. Here's some of the best from this year's show.

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1. 'Shopping Trolley. Reference Archive. Central Library, Edinburgh', Corinne McDonough

2. 'Hot & Busted', Kirsty Roxburgh

3. 'Insides', Rachel Hill

4. 'Lightbox', Emma Kelsey

5. 'Alan Ramsay (poet)', Thomas Aitchison

6. 'Shake That', Liz Waterston


7. 'Fosinard Flows', Magi Sinclair

8. 'Domestic Appliances', Lewis Bolton


9. '16830', Beverley Hughes

10. '16: The Murders of Burke and Hare', Stephen Feltham

11. 'Has The Pin Dropped Yet?', Lisa Berry

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